See a rainbow or a shooting star and you acknowledge it, even if it's just to your self. Chances are that you smile too. Brighten up your outfit with a brooch that you have to acknowledge and smile at.

Choose from either a rainbow spurting from a cloud, or a shooting star billowing out a rainbow stream, both with a eye-catching glitter coating, on a mirror heart background.

I counted my chickens too early with these, and as such, am selling as a 'second'. Some hearts have some inner 'split streaks' showing. Does not affect the durability and is smooth to the touch. Due to issues finding a glue that would stick, there is some bubbling around the outside of some decodens, the rainbow in the close up is the worst affected and some are not affected at all. Backing pins are glued with a glue gun, not the neatest way but again, no other glue wanted to work!

Each brooch comes on a backing card, as standard or you can upgrade to a branded, dark grey jewellery box of 5m by 5cm.

Not suitable for children under 3 years old.

Sample product, unsuitable for returns.

'All The Colours' Seconds Brooch Range


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