A special place for both preloved finds and end-of-lines where you can nab a beautiful bargain!

All brooches are fully working but may benefit from an additional clean (they are sterilised prior to listing).

All jewellery in the pick 'n' mix listings are costume only and will not contain precious metal or stones.

Each piece of jewellery is pictured on a standard business card to show size.


A- 'Lilac Loveliness'. Costume metal and stones.

C- 'Autumnal Starburst'. I believe one fitting is missing from the outer row, but it doesn't not detract. This is a thick brooch and the postage cost is affected. 

D- Acrylic clover on glittery heart.

E- 'Circular Setting'. Two small pink gems missing from outer circle. Very unusual handmade piece.

F- Glittery gold mermaid tail in resin.

J- Glittery orange seahorse in resin.


*Please note that 'c' has had a new, smaller brooch pin attached*

Brooch Pick 'n' Mix