Irregular Choice shoes in their fabulous 'Oz' design.

Blue, yellow and brown floral print on cream with a purple trim.

5 3D plastic flowers across the rounded toes.

Strap across the foot that has two poppers for a more flexible width.

Clear plastic 'window' down the outside of the foot.

4" heel in the flagship plastic style. Solid blue foot into a purple tone clear (darkens to the top) plastic with a leaf and floral embossing.

Inside is a fluffy bright orange.

These are a size 38 which does translate to a UK 5.

Preloved but in very good condition.  There is some wear showing to the bottoms of the soles but absolutely nothing to detract and sole protectors would be worth adding.

These come in their original box but it does have some damage from storage.


Please note that orders over 2kg are sent by Collect+. These shoes alone will not be over 2kg.

Irregular Choice Blue Floral 'Oz' Shoes