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Missy loves a hair flower but her hat is her favourite accessory. And with that flash of glitter, who can blame her?!

Made of high quality, precision cut acrylic.

Acrylic cut by the wonderful Yeah Laser company in Brighton (these guys have high sustainability ethics and made a perfect match for Chockabilly's principles).

This hat was then pieced together and made all shiny here at Chockabilly HQ. 

We have found that the pink is semi-transparent and as such, the thicker glue is visible through the top of the hat. It really doesn't detract from the style but because it isn't perfect, we have lowered the price.

Measuring 3.5cm tall and 6cm wide, with a 3.5cm roll bar brooch.

This piece comes in a Chockabilly branded jewellery box measuring 8cm x 6cm.

Missy's Cowgirl Hat Brooch