Peaches is for the brave. For people who are, quite unashamedly, themselves.

Leopard print and pink rather sums that attitude up, doesn't it?!

'My Favourite Colour is Leopard' slogan with the fabulous Peaches in a strapless leopard dress, on a fuchsia pink background.

A round neck tee shirt with short sleeves.

Handstitched Chockabilly label that runs vertically on the wearers left hip.


Sizing advice:

For a pin-up fit, please select the top size where your normal size is the biggest.

For a looser fit, please select the top size where your normal size is the smallest.

Size 8/10. Bust- 32". Length from underarm- 16.5".

Size 10/12. Bust- 34". Length from underarm- 17".

Size 12/14. Bust- 36". Length from underarm- 17.5".

Size 14/16. Bust- 38". Length from underarm- 17.5".

Size 16/18. Bust- 40". Length from underarm- 17.5".

Size 18/20. Bust- 44". Length from underarm- 17.5".

Size 22/24. Bust- 46". Length from underarm- 18".

Size 26/28. Bust- 50". Length from underarm- 18".

Size 30/32. Bust 56". Length from underarm- 18".

'My Favourite Colour' Peaches Top


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